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Game Progress – August 2015

Due to various extended health issues with being old and decrepit, progress on updating the game has been very slow this past year. Things are starting to settle down now, so this is an update to let all the fans

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What happened to the iOS version?

Economics, basically. It was costing me about $1.50 to market per sale, and for $0.99, just didn’t make sense to continue with it any more. For those that already have a copy, I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

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So Version 1.0’s out, what’s next?

The Steam launch is just Windows for now, next up is updated and shinier graphics to coincide with the Linux and Mac Steam versions of the game. Full AA, HDR bloom, dynamic soft shadows, all the stuff that nearly made

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What’s different in the Steam version?

Although released second, the game was orginally developed and intended for PC. The PC one uses the original higher quality artwork, upgraded graphics (more detailed units, higher resolution textures, completely redone terrain, and re-balanced missions with different waves and new

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What’s Next? A new Upgrade!

In the update currently under development, there will be a number of visual tweaks, nicer “incoming arrows”, balance changes to make Mars easier, some internal technical improvements, and an all-new Upgrade, “Power Batteries”!. These will replace the “Rover Batteries”, and

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How can I view the Leaderboards and my Achievements?

To access the Leaderboards, you must have signed into Game Center. Rover Rescue will ask you to sign in if you haven’t, or you can open Game Center through it’s own App icon and sign in there. Once signed in,

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How can I change the Music?

What?! Really? You really want to do a space mission listening to Miley Cyrus? Sure! Why not? it’s easy actually! Either before or after the game has started, simply use Apple’s built-in music player to start your favourite song, and

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Having difficulty getting past a Mission?

Upgrade your Hull Plating, or get the Rechargeable Shield earlier, both of these allow you to take much more mission Damage. You can proceed on to the next mission anyway, as long as you have the Salvage to unlock it.

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Using up Power too quickly?

Upgrade the Lander Power Plant in the upgrades menu! Lower levels cost very little, but make an impact on recharge time and the amount of power available!

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Launch Date

Version 1.0 of The Agent Saga: Rover Rescue due to launch on Apple’s App Store on 21st September 2013! Stay tuned!

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