Tying in with the Agent Saga universe, Rover Rescue is a prelude to The Agent Saga: Fractured.

The Unified Earth organisation is one of a few government collectives, representing over 35 countries all working together for the common goal of human expansion throughout the solar system. The UE has a nascent human presence across most of the planets. Due to a “solar event”, contact has been lost with all the colonies, and the solar system is being bombarded with a system-wide meteor shower.

With the colonies in an extremely perilous position, dangerously short on food and supplies, the UE Anaeis, carrying a fleet of UE Model D Rescue Craft, has been sent across all the planets to rescue as many of the colonists and civilians as possible. As one of the Commanders on board the UE Anaeis, you must guide all the escape vehicles to the nearest UE-D RC, protect them all from meteors, and save as many people as you can!


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  1. Tobias Tan says:

    Hi i am Tobias Seans best friend can i get it for free pls the pc version maybe

    • admin says:

      Hi Tobias,
      The Apple app store version will be on a limited time giveaway shortly (it is Xmas after all!), the PC version will be out around February-March 2013, finalising all the new add-ons for that at the moment!



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