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For Customers

With any product, there’s bound to be people that have issues, and if you’re experiencing any, then I’m very sorry you’re having any trouble. Please let me know you’re having problems and I’ll get the game fixed as soon as possible! The more I know about issues, the more I can fix stuff!

For any assistance, please fill out your details below and I will respond as soon as I can. I’m out in super-hot Singapore though, which is 8-15 hours ahead of Europe and the US, so please excuse me if it takes me a day to respond to you, even developers need sleep!

For Journalists, Youtubers etc..

If you would like to do a review or an article on the game, or include the game in some other media, promotion or competition, please feel free to get in touch. There are a number of complimentary Steam keys for Press-related activities and I can assist with recording/staging, game settings etc.. as well as additional art assets, anything you may need help with. The more the merrier!

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