Rover Rescue’s content is open and available to those that want to tweak it, as long as you have the Steam copy you can mod it. All text is contained in a single XML file, all textures, models, sound effects etc.. are all easily replaceable, although formats vary due to the original source of the content.

If you have interest to modify the game, please email me your intentions first (the more detail the better, at least a page-worth please, don’t just send a one liner!), and I can provide some guidance and a content map on what’s where, and also prepare an additional section of the site for your mod.

Rover Rescue is developed entirely in .NET Framework 2.0 (or later), and using the Icarus Scene Engine, which is free and open source. Although the textures (including terrain, the UI, achievements etc..) are all stored in a compressed, converted .ibc format (native to ISE), ISE comes with a free converter capable of bulk recursive scanning & conversion. Plus if the original filename is used, .png or .jpg for example, these will be loaded instead, so on most cases you don’t even need to replace, just add. Additionally, texture, model & audio sets are all stored in a common set of root folders, so specifying a new total conversion is as simple as specifying a command line option in a shortcut to use a new content folder. Likewise, installation of a content pack is as simple as ensuring the content pack has a unique name and copying the files in, then adding a shortcut to the desktop with the command line options in.


Most of the models in the game are replaceable with .OBJ or .3DS files, however three of the rovers, the ones with the solar panels, are built natively into the game and can only have their textures changed at this time. If you would like to change these models too, please  email me and I will build this into future updates directly.

Mission-specific interactivity (C# programming support) is not currently friendly to mod support, but if you’ve got a good idea, let me know, and I’ll make arrangements for the game to support externally-derived mission content, through a .NET DLL.

In terms of licenses, all the original content, source, compiled DLL’s etc.. remains Copyright (C) Pointscape Pte Ltd, but you will retain ownership of any home-grown modifications, from fresh content developed independently. You may not sell or redistribute the game itself without prior written permission, nor any of the existing copyrighted game content, although you may distribute your own fresh content as you see fit, and I can also provide hosting arrangements if you require, plus a listing on




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