What’s different in the Steam version?

Although released second, the game was orginally developed and intended for PC. The PC one uses the original higher quality artwork, upgraded graphics (more detailed units, higher resolution textures, completely redone terrain, and re-balanced missions with different waves and new units), a slicker UI, a new “ships” system where you get only 3 landers in total for the entire playthrough, randomised gems with different salvage quality, two new in-game playable units:

the combat drone: a remote controlled robot you may guide around, and it’ll help with collection & defense.
the umbrella shield: a single-use defensive tower to protect against meteors and enemies.

and other new rover types not seen on the mobile game.

Full 3D terrain simulation with some space-physics, rovers can now jump over each other! a split dual-damage meter with persistent lander damage and one-time mission damage, improved pathing and lots more!

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